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Vorankündigung: 23. Workshop Videokonferenzen im Wissenschaftsnetz am 4./5. 11. 2020
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Videoconferencing DFNVC

DFN Videoconferencing is an adhoc service. This means, a conference can take place without an operator support 24 hours a day. Analog to a telephone call please dial the conferenceid with your endpoint and you will be connected to the conference. The first endpoint starts the conference automatically and after hanging up the last endpoint the conference will be terminated. For assistance, please call our Hotline. For general questions regarding video conferences, endpoints, room equipment etc. please contact the VCC Dresden.

Here you can check if your endpoint satisfies all requirements. To receive the  conference number please click on Start. Please click on Information for the list of participants. If you want to change the video split, or define the speaking channel for certain participants, or invite new participants etc, please use Control. Finally, if you only want to watch the conference, please use the Streaming interface, for up to 200 additional passive participants.

updated:12. February 2020 12:05