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Ab 1.3.2019 keine Erstellung von neuen Konferenznummern für die alte DFNVC Plattform mehr möglich
Start der neuen Konferenzplattform DFNconf


The DFNVideoConference service enables the participants of the research network X-WiN and their communication partners the opportunity to communicate multimedially. The process can be carried out via a PC, a workstation, a room system or by telephone using the X-WiN infrastructure. Institutions outside X-WiN are accessible as well. Compared to the traditional procedure of communication the following aspects make the service worthwhile:

  • Multipoint conferences directly from the workstation or room system by using the DFN Multipoint Control Unit (MCU), a technical component to collect and distribute multimedial data streams
  • No reservation or booking mechanism – adhoc availability at any time
  • Video conferences in High Definition (HD) quality
  • Audio conferences from PC workstation or ISDN telephone without requirement of additional equipment
  • Lectures with presentations of working results (e.g. transfer of powerpoint slides)
  • Participation in video conferences via the passive form of a streaming component
  • Recording of video conferences
  • International reachability by using a numbering plan for global video and voice over IP networks
  • Integration of ISDN participants into the conference via gateway
  • Administrator support by DFN hotline and training courses
  • Easy to use interface - adequate for non-experts as well

Currently the service is based on the H.323 recommendation of the ITU. The communication takes place between interconnected zones built by distributed gatekeepers. The DFNInternet service and the video conference infrastructure of DFN are the basis of DFNVC. Via these two prerequisites video and audio conferences are carried out, depending on the availability of the necessary technical components. Three kinds of utilizations are offered:

  • Own H.323-zone (scenario1)
  • Utilization via DFN-Zone (scenario2).
  • Utilization via the zone of another institution (scenario3)


The performances of the service are included in the DFNInternet Service without additional payments.

For accessing the service please fill out an application form which has to be sent to the DFN office in Berlin.

updated:11. December 2014 12:01