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Ab 1.3.2019 keine Erstellung von neuen Konferenznummern für die alte DFNVC Plattform mehr möglich
Start der neuen Konferenzplattform DFNconf


The H.323 recommendation of the ITU requires a registration of the videoconferencing endpoints to a so-called gatekeeper which provides address translation and controls access to the network. A Global Dialling Scheme GDS has been developed. It uses a hierarchy of gatekeepers to route call set-up information nationally and internationally. The scheme defines 00 as an international dialling prefix and the use of the well-known ITU-T country telephone codes. For more addressing details please click here.

Although the H.323 standard includes different addressing methods like e.g. e-mail addresses, these methods are not supported by all gatekeepers and endpoints. Therefore at present only numerical addressing is provided within DFNVC.

To dial a conference hosted on our MCUs you have to conform the following requirements:

  1. Your organization
    1. has signed up to DFNVC or
    2. you are a guest participant in a conference another authorized organization has initiated.

  2. Your endpoint
    1. is directly registered to DFNVC meaning it is registered to the DFNVC gatekeeper or
    2. is registered to the gatekeeper of your own organization which has been registered to DFNVC or
    3. is registered as a guest device to the public gatekeeper of DFNVC or
    4. is registered to a gatekeeper anywhere in the worldwide GDS.

updated:24. November 2017 16:06