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Streaming DFNVC Video Conferences using Adobe Connect


  • Available for operating systems supporting Adobe Flash Player browser plugin.
  • Up to 200 streaming participants.
  • Almost no firewall problems because of encrypted data stream using TLS port 443.


  • Only G.711 audio codec available.
  • No seperate Window for presentations (H.239), only PiP (Picture-in-Picture).
  • Increased configuration costs for conference hosts to create streaming access for participants.

Adobe Connect related configuration

  • Login to our Web Conference Service as a meeting host.
  • Create a new meeting with template Shared Templates\DFNVC-Videostreaming

  • Recommended: Configure the meeting access to Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room. You can optionally use a passcode for access protection.
  • After completion of the meeting configuration please send the meeting URL to your participants.

Streaming configuration is completed thereby. You can now start your video conference via our MCU systems and connect to streaming using Adobe Connect following these steps:

  • Start the DFNVC video conference
  • Enter the Adobe Connect meeting room as a meeting host to start the meeting.
  • Click open stream in your meeting room

If you decide to use the presentaion channell as well, we suggest a video conference configuration on the MCU with a PiP view (only for streaming participants).

Optional configuration for a video and data channel by means of the MCU conference control pages:

  • Login to the MCU conference control with your conference number and administrator password.
  • Select the Adobe Connect streaming gateway (
  • Click on Edit in Participant Custom Layout
  • Select the "last layout" of the first layout group (layout 59)
  • Please check, that "Current Status" is set to "enabled"

You have finished the configuration now and all streaming participants are obtaining the video and data presentation of the MCU in a PiP representation. Participants connecting to the video conference via H.323 or SIP protocol are not affected by this configuration and still receive the dual screen view.

Warning: Please bear in mind that this configuration on the MCU gets lost after the conference is terminated. So you have to repeat these configuration steps when starting a new conference.

updated: 4. October 2018 11:01