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FAQ Web Conferencing with Acrobat Connect


Meeting crashes under macOS

According to Adobe the Connect Addin can crash in rare cases on macOS. Until this problem is solved, Adobe recommends deleting the Connect Addin directory in your user directory:


When entering a meeting room after that, the latest Connect Addin will be offered for installation again.

Is there a gateway to the H.323 video conference service ?

Acrobat Connect uses a proprietary protocol. Currently there is no gateway to the H.323 video conference service.

I have joined a meeting and cannot see or hear anyone.

The conference organizer must activate the access rights for the use of audio and video at the beginning of the conference (see next question). After that, a video icon appears in the Camera and Voice Pod and an audio icon at the bottom of the screen of every participant which must be activated by clicking on it. Doing this you will see your own video and microfon and speakers are active.

Can I check if my PC is appropriate for using web conferences ?

There is a test page on the Adobe website where you can check if you have the necessary Flash player version installed or if your connection from your PC to the Adobe Connect server is prevented by firewall rules.

Meetings without meeting hosts.

It is possible to create or modify meetings which can be run without meeting organizers. The following conditions must be met:

- The meeting attribute Access must be set to Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room.

- The meeting host must enter the meeting room and activate 'Meeting > Manage Access & Entry > Auto-Promote Participants to Presenters.

After that the meeting can run without the meeting host.  Please note that some functions as layout control or recording of the meeting are restricted. The full functional range is only available to organizers.

Can guests join meetings ?

Yes. When creating a new meeting, organizers must activate the option 'Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room'. They can then inform all their guests about the URL. After entering the meeting room, every guest is set to status 'Participant'. 'Participants' can see presentations, listen to the audio and see the video.

Can meeting participants download Powerpoint files which were uploaded for presentation ?

Files that were uploaded for presentation cannot be downloaded by other participants. They have to be uploaded separately to the Adobe Connect server using the File Share Pod.

Multiple Cameras in one Meetingroom

You connect multiple cameras in a meeting room, as long as you have multiple browsers and enough ports on the your PC.

  • - Launch Adobe Connect as a host and connect the room to your first camera or the default camera you usually use.
  • - Launch another Web browser. In the browser address field enter your room link but append ?launcher=false after the Meeting room URL.
  • - Login to the room and right mouse click anywhere on share pod and select the camera you want to be connected in this browser.
  • - Launch the Camera Pod and you should see the video coming from the other camera.

You can do this again but using another webcam and browser the third time.  As long as you have multiple browsers and multiple cameras, this should work.

Is there a limit on how much I can upload?

The maximum file size for uploading a file is 100MB.

How can I delete uploaded documents from the server?

Files that are uploaded to a web conference will be converted by Acrobat Connect to flash video format. They can be deleted in Pods -> Organize Pods. In order to delete files from the server you must log in as an organizer and delete them in Meeting List -> [your meeting] -> Uploaded Content. For a detailed guide see: First steps with Acrobat Connect (in German only)

Bandwidth consumption at Adobe Connect rooms?

Adobe gives at following webpage help for calculation your bandwidth consumption requirements: Adobe Connect Bandwidth Utilization.

Which file formats are supported by Acrobat Connect ?

The following file formats can be selected directly and uploaded to the server:PDF files (PDF), Powerpoint files (PPT, PPTX), picture files (JPG), Flash video files (SWF, FLV), MP3 audio files (MP3), Zip files (ZIP).

How can guests send audio, video and presentations ?

To enable guests to send content the status of that guest has to be changed from 'Participant' to 'Presenter':
Choose the name of the guest in the Attendee List Pod and change the role by using the 'Set User Role' button on the bottom left of this Pod.

updated:11. May 2020 11:06