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Phone Integration

Adobe Connect users who do not want to use the audio functionality (VoIP) on their Computer meeting hosts can start phone conferences that are integrated into their meetings.

Audio connections are initiated by landline phones or mobile phones using DFN gateways. Meeting participants only have to pay the usual charges of their telephone connection. For Participants who use the DFNFernsprechen service these phone calls are free of charge.

It is also possible to operate standard Adobe Connect VoIP participants and landline/mobile phone participants in an mixed environment.


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As a meeting host please run through the following steps to configure your Phone Integration:

1) Create an audio profile:

  • Go to My Profile > My Audio Profiles
  • Click the button Neues Profil and fill out Profilname with your preferred name
  • Click the button Profil erstellen to activate the audio profile

2) Create a new Meeting with phone functionality:

  • Create a new meeting with your preferred options and select Include this audio conference with this meeting in section Audio Conference Settings.
  • Choose the previously created audio profile (step 1)

After finishing your meeting configuration you will see a summary with the dial in phone number and the meeting room name. In order to start the phone conference go to your meeting room an choose Audio > Start Meeting Audio from the top level menu. The following screenshot describes all possible phone intergration options:



updated:24. September 2020 16:10