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Update DFNconf Pexip Videokonferenz- plattform am 20.9.21 von 20 - 22 Uhr
Webconf: Adobe Connect Update auf 11.2.3
Pexip wieder mit maximaler Videoauflösung 1080p verfügbar
Online Beratung jeweils am 1. Montag im Monat.
DFNconf und COVID-19

Test Call Service

The meeting room 9791 is configured as a test meeting room.

You can join this room by calling


H.323: 00491009791


Skype for Business:

Using this call you can test your connection to our meeting server, your video and audio.
You will get some instructions and your video and audio will be sent back to you with a delay of 2 seconds
so that you can hear yourself. After about 20 seconds the connection will automatically be terminated.



updated:12. February 2020 11:25